Holiday Hours

We will be closed Friday July 4th, 2014 in observance of Independence Day. Normal hours will resume Saturday July 5th, 2014.

Normal Hours:

Monday through Friday 10:00 – 6:00

Saturday 9:00 – 5:00

Sunday 10:00-3:00

Thank you for your patronage and have a wonderful holiday.


Easter 2014

We will be closed this Sunday April 20th, 2014, in observance of Easter. Our normal hours will resume Monday, April 21st, 2014:

Mon-Fri: 10-6

Sat: 9-5

Sun: 10-3


Thank you all for your business, and enjoy your weekend!


We are busy doing and scheduling winter clean-ups.  Call us  774-6981.  It’s good to get some of the winter debris off to allow the sun to warm the soil, and remove any overwintering disease spores and insect eggs.  Compost if you can.  It is also a good time to make perennial divisions if you have large clumps or overgrown plants.   Pansies, onions, and potatoes, and early spring seeds are all in stock.  Stop in and see us!

Happy Day

Spring has sprung, we think…. We’ll be open daily now!  Stop out and see us, or call to set up a site consultation 774-6981. Note our new e-mail address:  Should you want to contact Chuck Annable personally please use:  See you soon!

Springing forward….

We’re scheduling Spring Cleanups and Landscape Work–give us a call 774-6981. We’ll have some pansies next week and have received our 2013 seeds. Open Mon-Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-3 through the end of March, and then open Daily beginning April 1st. Call or stop by and start garden dreaming!

Seed Starting anyone?

Open Saturday 10-1 Bird Feed and Plant Seed

Let the indoor seed starting begin! Tips from our supplier Botanical Interests:
Some of your garden favorites perform best when started inside.

Give these seeds a head start:
Tomatoes – 6-8 weeks
Peppers – 8-10 weeks
Eggplants – 8-10 weeks
Celery – 10-12 weeks
Artichokes – 12 weeks
Onions – 8-10 weeks
Herbs – 8-10 weeks

Seed Starting Indoors is
EASY if you keep a few simple things in mind.

The latest blog post from The Garden Coach
gives you 6 quick things to keep in mind for really easy seed starting success, like:

Light: Plants love it…how to get enough for healthy seedlings…
Containers: What makes a good container for seed starting…
Soil: What’s the right choice for your seeds…
Water: It’s important! How do you use it effectively…
Warmth: What temperature is best for your seeds…
Directions: What to look for on your seed packet that is the most helpful…

Check out the latest blog post:
How to Start Seeds Indoors – Six Short Tips–-six-short-tips/?utm_source=seed+start+indoors&utm

It’s time to get started!
Get a jump on the season by starting these plants indoors.

Thankful for Trees

We got to plant over 60 trees this fall. I love planting trees! I am thankful for the folks that asked us to do it for them. Not only is it fun work, it is immensely satisfying thinking of that tree in the future, shading the earth and making oxygen long after I have quit breathing.

‘Tis the season to bring a tree inside and adorn it with lights.
We have 51 lovely Firs and Pines for sale (actually only 48 now…), and they smell terrific.
We will be open Thu-Sun 12-5 (Saturday 9-5). We have fresh wreaths, swags, door charms, and centerpieces; Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Christmas Cactus, Paperwhite Narcissus, and Amaryllis (hopefully some orchids, too).
Monica has been baking, so we have cookies every day, and hot chocolate on the weekends. (beer or wine for Mom & Dad)

Free Mulch

Though I gratefully sell 700+ yards of double-shredded hardwood bark mulch every year, you might consider the free mulch that is falling from the sky at this moment. Get your leaves off the lawn, but leaving them in your beds does no harm. Think about it. Rakes have only been around for maybe 1000 years, but leaves have been building forest and prairie soils for millenia! Use your mower to chop them up and blow them right into your beds. Evergreen groundcovers love to be buried with them. Herbaceous perennials enjoy the protection. Leaves are full of micronutrients and are organic matter personified. Compost them if you can’t stand an untidy bed.

Or call us to collect them for you, we can use the work, and need to replenish our compost pile, so we can have humus to sell in 2 years… Schedule your fall clean-ups now: 774-6981